clayton marshall

2021: A syllabus

December 22, 2020

Although I whole heartedly belive that new-years resolutions don't work, I'm still doing one. Every day I write down daily tasks in a notebook, so it seems unnatural not to write down some "to-dos" for the year ahead.

For starters, and I feel like this is on most resolution lists, I want to read more. In 2020 I read two books...two. My reading habits this year did not reflect the increased amount of time spent indoors. I read a lot of blog posts and listen to podcasts daily, but getting through a book is like pulling teeth for me. I get bored, or I get too worried that I forgot details from early in the book, or some other reason, who knows. I'm going to start by reading lighter, up-to-date fiction. I think this will keep me engaged longer or at least help build my confidence in sticking to a book. Within the last week I've started reading, "An absolutely remarkable thing", by Hank Green. It feels like a book that would be pushed on young high school students, but it has kept me entertained so far, so who cares? I'll be sure to post a review once I'm finished. My goal for 2021 is six books.

My second goal for 2021 is to rip off Not literally, but I want to do something similar. In 2020 I worked on a few side projects, but only published one. I'd like to release more projects over the span of a year. There is plenty of time, it's just a matter of deciding to build something that is "finishable". No moonshot projects or half-assed projects that aren't worth the effort. Bonus points here if I can make some money from a project. I've been listening to a lot of Indie Hackers and have watched this talk from Vincent Woo twice now. I'm in the mood to build a boring side business that can make some money.

With any luck, my future posts will leave a documentation trail of accomplishing these tasks 🤙